I was so excited for Kenedie and Brendon’s wedding because not only was it my first wedding of the summer, but it was also in Minnesota which meant some traveling for me from Chicagoland to Cottage Grove, MN. I loved driving through the countryside (something I don’t see much of in Chicago) and enjoyed having time to wind down before their big day!

Upon arriving at Hope Glen Farm, I was greeted by some of Kenedie’s lovely bridesmaids who directed me to a nicely air conditioned room to put my gear. Praise God for air conditioning because that day had a real feel temperature of 95 degrees.

My favorite part of the day was getting to shoot Kenedie and Brendon’s formal portraits. They were so fun and goofy together and it made for an overall fun time of shooting (after Kenedie made Brendon shave his face for a second time, lol). You can truly see their relationship in the pictures captured and that’s why I find them so special.

Although there were some nerves and signs of heat exhaustion (Brendon may or may not have puked 20 minutes before walking down the aisle) the Watchorn wedding turned out beautiful and I hope it was everything they had planned it to be! I experienced their joy and excitement throughout the whole day and I hope those same feelings can be continued on for the years to come.

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